Silent Disco Yoga

The combination of yoga and music in stunning locations will ensure that Silent Disco Yoga is the most memorable yoga practice you will ever do. Inspirational indoor and outdoor locations guaranteed!

What is it?

Silent Disco Yoga involves practicing yoga whilst immersing yourself in music played through wireless headphones. The class is led by a yoga teacher who is talking into a wireless microphone and whose voice can be heard over the music in your headphones. Take a look at this video we put together which explains in a little more detail about how it all works.

Beautiful Locations

From the stunning beaches of Cornwall in the summer to the unique and historic buildings dotted around the country, we find places to inspire you! We are always looking for new ideas for where to hold Silent Disco Yoga events. If you live near an amazing venue that you think would be suitable then get in touch. The criteria? Jaw Dropping! The sort of place where you instantly go "Wow, imagine practicing yoga there..."

Come and find us!

When we aren't running Silent Disco Yoga events down on the iconic Fistral Beach in Newquay, Cornwall, you can find us travelling the country spreading the amazing energy that comes from combining music and yoga. If you haven't tried Silent Disco Yoga before then get ready for a whole new experience! Keep scrolling to see if we have an event planned at a location near you.

Be In The Know!

Our subscribers are the first to hear about all new dates and venues as we confirm them. We will also share some of our favourite playlists to download with our subscribers.

Upcoming Dates in 2020...

Sunday 26th January 2020 - WINTER WARMER at The Carnmarth at 4pm BOOK_NOW

Sunday 8th December 2019 - CHRISTMAS SPECIAL at The Carnmarth at 4pm FULLY BOOKED

Saturday 20th October 2019 - DOUBLE Session at The Carnmarth at 4pm FULLY BOOKED

Saturday 24th August 2019 - SUNSET Session on Fistral Beach at 7pm FINISHED

Sunday 25th August 2019 - The Inaugural ZUMBA Session on Fistral Beach at 5pm FINISHED

Friday 20th September 2019 - EDEN PROJECT at 7pm FINISHED

Sunday 28th July 2019 - POPUP on Fistral beach at 4pm FINISHED

Sunday 30th June 2019 - POPUP on Fistral beach at 5pm FINISHED

Friday 7th June 2019 - EDEN PROJECT at 7pm SOLD OUT

Sunday 5th May 2019 - Polkerris Beach POPUP Session at 3pm FINISHED

Friday 20th April 2019 - Newquay POPUP Session at 3:30pm FINISHED

Saturday 2nd February 2019 - Newquay at 5pm FINISHED

Sunday 9th December - CHRISTMAS SPECIAL, Newquay at 4pm FINISHED

Sunday 11th November - Newquay at 4pm FINISHED

Friday 28th September - EDEN Project at 7pm FINISHED

WINTER WARMER Silent Disco Yoga 0 Days 23 Hours 40 Minutes 43 Seconds to book your space!