Silent Disco Yoga on the Beach!

Join us this May Bank Holiday Weekend on Saturday 1st May at 4pm as we celebrate the sunshine, sand and fresh air! Fistral Beach will be providing the beautiful venue for this event as we practice yoga with the ocean as our natural backdrop. You will find us with our toes in the sand towards the low tide mark (look for the tall flags for our location) where there is ample space for everyone to practice safely and socially distanced.

covid-19 safe silent disco yoga


4pm – 5:15pm

£12 per person

Kids under 12yrs old go half price!

Beginners to yoga are very welcome.



Wanna Know More?

In this special UPLIFT class, think Vinyasa Flow yoga, building energy through movement whilst listening to the sound of euphoric Balearic beats. There will be plenty of room to socially distance as we can spread out over the entire beach – look out for the tall flags (normally we are at the north end of the beach towards the low tide mark).

If you haven’t yet made our previous sessions, these SILENT DISCO YOGA sessions are an experience not to be missed! The all levels vinyasa flow class with be accentuated by wearing headphones and immersing yourself into a musical journey as you practice – don’t worry, the headphones stay on! The class is taught by Jen from Oceanflow Yoga, using a microphone that you will also hear via the headphones and postures are sequenced to the varying rhythms of the playlist. A very immersive yoga experience! Beginners are welcome as there will be options offered for all.

The specialised headphones are pre-sterilised and are provided as part of the ticket price. You will be able to hear both the music and Jen’s melodic voice to guide you through the class.

Saturday 1st April – 4pm


We have had such good feedback from year’s first Covid-Safe outdoor Silent Disco Yoga event, we are super excited to bring you more this year as and when we are allowed! Your safety is our utmost priority and we would like to assure you that we will be doing everything in our powers to ensure that everyone feels safe whilst they practice. For this event to be a success, we need everyone to play by the rules, take seriously and respect all the safety measures we need to put in place. If we can all do this then it is a good sign that we will be able to hold some more of these outdoor sessions before the restrictions are removed!


There will be a clear queuing system on arrival enabling everyone to maintain social distance as they enter the area. We will be strictly enforcing TWO METRE social distancing before, during and after class. We know how easy it is to forget about this, especially if you see friends you haven’t seen in a while but please do respect this rule as this will be critical to us being allowed to run future events. We will be marking mat spaces out in the sand 2 metres apart towards the low tide mark at the south end of the beach where you can choose a spot and lay your mat down. 

Yoga Mats…

We are unable to hire mats out for this event. You will need to either bring your own yoga mat or bring a big beach towel to practice on. We have plenty of yoga mats for sale so if you would like to invest in one, click on the button below. Select “Collect from Studio” during the checkout process and then email us if you would like us to bring your new mat along to the event for you to collect.

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The Nitty Gritty





4PM – 5:15PM





PARKING – There is free parking at South Fistral and Car parks dotted around the area however if the surf is good and the weather is hot then it will likely be VERY BUSY. If you are able to walk or cycle please do. If you need to drive, give yourself PLENTY of time. We would recommend arriving an hour or more early and just enjoy the beach. This way there is no stress with rushing to make it to class.

CANCELLATION POLICY – We have a 3 day (72 hour) cancellation policy. Unfortunately if you are not able to make the event within this time frame, you will be unable to get a refund or swap your booking onto another event. You are however welcome to let someone else come in your place. For this event, the deadline for cancelling is 4pm on Wednesday 31st March 2021. Click the following link to be taken to our >CANCELLATION POLICY< page. One exception to this rule. If you start to present any symptoms of Covid-19, you MUST stay away from the event. In this case we will roll your credit over to our next Silent Disco event. You do still need to make us aware of this BEFORE the start time of the session.