Watch this video!

If you haven’t been to one of these events at the Eden Project before, check out this 60 second video for an idea of what to expect. It is a mind blowing venue to practice yoga in and the group energy generated is quite something to be a part of!


Sign up to this truly unforgettable experience in the heart of the Mediterranean Biome. You can choose to set up in one of the main stage areas or take yourself off to find a small hidden away nook for you and your friends.

Silent Disco Yoga Mantra


Join us after the yoga for 30 minutes of mantra in the Citrus Grove. No experience is necessary and sheets with the words on will be given out beforehand. 

Silent Disco Yoga the Eden Project Image


Nestled in the lush undergrowth of the Mediterranean Biome, we will be hosting an unforgettable Silent Disco Yoga experience not to be missed. May is a truly magical place in Cornwall and having the opportunity to practice amongst a biome in full bloom will surely be spectacular! Afterwards you will have the option of joining us for a 30 minute mantra sing along session in the Citrus Grove.

Imagine a dynamic yoga class alongside an uplifting playlist in one of the most memorable locations you could think of, with inquisitive birds hopping around and the smell of plants filling the air…and not having to rely on the great Cornish weather!


The culmination of 300 people all practising yoga together really brings about a unique and special energy that will leave you feeling uplifted and connected with yourself and everyone around you. You’ll be practising wearing a pair of specialised wireless headphones so you can clearly hear the class instructions from our teacher Jen, as well as the beautiful music that has been carefully chosen to enhance the movements. This will be an all levels vinyasa flow class, beginners are welcome and options will be given for all.
Demonstrators will be dotted around the main areas of the biome on stages so you can see the postures if you need to, although you are welcome to explore the pathways and nooks to find a tucked away area to practice in and immerse yourself in the magical environment that Eden has created!
Although the biome is large, these events always sell out so please purchase your tickets early so you don’t miss out. Once we are full, we are full.
Silent Disco Yoga the Eden Project Image
Eden Project Silent Disco Yoga


DATE – Friday 8th May 2020

TIME – 7pm – 8:15pm (Yoga), 8:25pm – 8:55pm (Optional Free Mantras)

PARKING – There is free parking on site however the walk down to the Mediterranean Biome may be longer than you think! We would recommend arriving at the car park at 6pm so you have plenty of time to make your way down, register and find a spot to practice.

ENTRY FEE – As the event is after hours, there is NO entrance fee to pay to get into the Eden Project (from 5:30pm). If you want to come early and make a day of it, you would either have to use your locals pass or pay for entry.

CANCELLATION POLICY – For all our events we have a 3 day (72 hour) cancellation policy. Unfortunately if you are not able to make the event within this time frame, you will be unable to get a refund or swap your booking onto another event. For this event, the deadline for cancelling is 7pm on Tuesday 5th May 2020. Click the following link to be taken to our >CANCELLATION POLICY< page.